Ceramic tape stamping

Green ceramic tape stamping is a suitable processing method for large scale production. The tape is stamped using a precision tool. The advantages are low cost and high surface quality. The disadvantages include starting investments into the tool and fired substrates higher tolerances of ± 1 % in dimensions. When higher precision is needed it is possible to sort the substrates into groups by means of measuring and sorting automats. The stamped substrate is fired in a tunnel sintering furnace up to 1600 °C.

It is possible to score the green substrates, i.e. to make groove accompanied with a micro crack down to a half of the tape thickness. The fired scored substrate it is therefore possible to process using screen print technology and then to separate to particular segments. This method provides very smooth edges of the substrate as compared with laser micromachining, both on the edges and on the fracture surface. These edges are possible to screen print which is typical for SMD components, e.g. chip resistors or capacitors.


Typical values

Al2O3 content

96 %

Substrate thickness tolerance

± 10 %

Substrate length tolerance

± 1 %

Substrate camber tolerance (dependent on thickness)

0.2 %

Max. substrate dimensions

470 x 150 mm

Surface roughness Ra

0.25 - 0.7 µm