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Thick film technology


Thick film technology

Thick film technology

We have more than 20 years experience with thick film technology. For our customers we process the production data in standard  and non-standard formats, we design and produce screen printed patterns and sieves. We have plenteous experience in firing thick film resistance and resistor´s networks and their trimming. The parametres of thick films technology meet the requirements of current worldmarket.

Usage of thick film technology

Thick film technology is an alternative to the classical production technology of printed circuit boards - PCB. It is used everywhere where are high entitlement of long durability, thermal endurance, mechanical strenght, thermal conductivity, discruptive strenght, low aggresive environment and where fail classic materials as FR4. Use of this technology can be found e.g. in: automotive and aerospace industry, medical industry, LED illuminating technology, power electronics, hybrid microelectronics, microwave technology, sensors, electronic components, etc.


Thick film printing - screen printer

Baked film

Resistors trimming

Thick films are prepared by serigraphy We have three glost ovens for firingof thick layers We have two trimming lasers for trimming resistors