Elceram - keramické substráty







Based on your questions, let us inform you that:


·       Total price means price without loading and unloading system. Loading and unloading 
system will be offered as option. 
·       The loading / unloading system: Please, offer Stack to stack option for white
 substrates only. 
·       Total price includes transport, packaging, installation, commissioning, training and 
insurance costs.
·       Please, don´t forget to send the machined samples together with the offer.
·       Please, don´t forget to fill in all the enclosures to the tender documents. Please be aware
  of the fact that the payment will be done partially by state money. If you make a mistake, it
 is a reason for excluding your company from the tender.
Let me inform you that ELCERAM a.s. as tender contracting authority decided to prolong the
 deadline for placing offers and machined alumina substrates form 12. 09. 2017 by two weeks.
 It means that new deadline is 26.9.2017, 15:00. We would like to offer the tenderers more time
 to work out the offers and to make the micro-machined samples.


Laser micromachining line for micromachining ceramics for electrical engineering – tender start announcement


Let us inform you that on Friday July 21
 started tender for the above mentioned production line. It is obligatory to select the supplier 
according to the Czech “Rules for successful tender procedure” to get the state financial support.
The “Rules” comply with the corresponding EU rules. The tender was announced in ELCERAM a. s.
 company profile:


https://www.profilzadavatele.cz/profil-zadavatele/elceram-a-s_5139/ → Seznam aktuálních zakázek →
 Název: Laserová mikro obráběcí linka k obrábění keramiky pro elektrotechniku → ZOBRAZIT (click) →
 There is a list of tender documents in English and Czech languages at the bottom of the document.
The Documents are in editable format. 


As it would be rather inconvenient for you to visit this profile in the Czech web environment we can send 
the most important tender documents to your hands.


In this case please contact johan@elceram.cz.