Elceram - keramické substráty

Production plan


Production plan

The production plan of our company consists of two parts:

  •  Production of white ceramic substrates - productive capacity up to 2 million substrates monthly
  •  Production of printed substrates – thick film technology - productive capacity up to 400 thousand substrates monthly

Thanks to thick film technology applied on the ceramic substrates are deposited conductive, resistive and dielectric materials. These printed substrates then generally used as carriers for high-quality electronic components as is the case for conventional PCB - Printed Circuit Board.

  •  All production processes are subject to quality management system ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949.


At the moment we employ approx. 60 employees. We have a qualified team of experienced professionals with university degree from technical electroceramics and electrical engineering.


To keep the competitiveness in the future, we focus on the improvement of production technologies and projects development, research in cooperation with universities and research organizations, escpecially with Faculty of Electrical Engineering ZČU, AV CZ and TTS ltd., who works with the thin films technology. We are member of Association of Research Organizations in the Czech Republic AVO and Czech technology platform of engineering.


Most of our production is exported to the whole world. The main customers are: CeramTec, INTRATEC, STEINEL, OSI optoelectronics, TYCO electronics, PIHER, BD sensors and others.