Elceram - keramické substráty

Ceramic application


The ceramics has big use especially on places where lay stress on high requirements on:

  • High thermal and mechanical resistance
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High insulance
  • High dielectric strenght
  • High resistance in chemically aggressive environment
  • Small dielectric loss with high frequencies

Examples of applications:

  • Sensor technology: pressure sensors, strain gauges
  • Electronic components: potenciometers, trimmers, high voltage, high-power and high-resistance resistors, further precised trimmed resistor networks, resistors used as current sensors, thermistors
  • Electronic control devices
  • Solar panels: it is used as ceramic case for third generation solar cells with standard efficiency up to 40 %
  • High-power components: it is used as very good thermal conductive and electrically insulating element while mounting power devices
  • Illuminating engineering : ceramics is used ad resistant portative substrate for LEDs, front and rear lights of vehicles
  • High voltage insulators
  • Microwave technology: ceramics is due to its high permitivity and low loss suitable for different filters, resonators and vd circuits in general
  • Heaters
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