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ELCERAM corp. is a czech manufactural company without foreign capital, which was established in 1994. The company continuing the czech-japanese tradition of capital investements which have been taken by many years of business experience in company TESLA Hradec Králové. Therefore our company has more than fifty years of its history. Manufacturing facilities are spread over more than 3500 m2 and belong to our company. ELCERAM also owns other large areas which are suitable for the expansion of production.  Our typical products are white ceramic substrates  made of 96 % corundum ceramics - Al2O3. For the significant advantages of corundum ceramics such as excellent chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, dielectric strength and low dielectric loss, are our products irreplaceable components for a multitude of applications in the electrotechnic industry, health care, automotive, consumer electronics and other industries.


Our goal is to keep our current significant position as a supplier of corundum ceramic and printed substrates. We still want to be connected with high quality and uniqueness of our products by our customers. Further goal is to keep and improve the quality management system and the implementation of new innovative technologies that are the key to success in the competitive environment. Our advantage is self production of ceramic substrates and apply of thick film technology in one place, known as "under one roof". We believe that this fact will gain in importance in the future and customers will appreciate it.